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To be the dynamic leader in the maritime industry that steers innovation and cutting-edge technology.


Creating value for the maritime ecosystem by harnessing the power of agile, smart shipping solutions.

Corporate Values


Quick and nimble, we are flexible in our approach. We believe in collaborative development and responding to change as we continue to deliver agile, smart shipping solutions for the maritime industry.

Customer Alignment

Building a trust relationship with our customers is our priority. We believe in fostering long-term strategic partnerships with our customers and continuously align our solutions relevant to customers’ needs.


Customers’ experience with Ascenz matters to us. We are dedicated in delivering our commitment to our customers and partners from end-to-end, throughout all levels and touchpoints.


We take concrete action in ensuring the safety for our customers, our employees and our community in the work we do.


We strive in pursuing excellence in what we do, achieving consistent high-quality services to enable our customers to better prepare for the future industry with smart shipping.

Core + I Internal Values

  • C – Collaboration Move together collaboratively as a team to achieve collective goals
  • O – Openness Be open in accepting new ideas, methods or changes
  • R – Respect Respect every individual and intercultural differences
  • E – Empathy Be aware of the feelings of others, and see things from the viewpoint of others
  • +
  • I - Innovation Never stop improving, and never settle for less