Shipulse is a smart-shipping solution that provides complete vessel and fleet management on one single platform. The solution delivers comprehensive and insightful information from fuel consumption, bunkering monitoring and other vessel activities, enabling ship owners, ship operators and commercial representatives to make proactive decisions on vessel efficiency that results in increased opportunities for fuel savings.  

How it works

Shipulse transforms any vessel into a smart ship. It seamlessly integrates between hardware sensors, software systems and various interfaces and applications to provide performance analytics capabilities. Data is collected from onboard sensors through the Shipulse DAS (Data Acquisition System) and the data may be viewed real-time across onboard and online interfaces such as the Shipulse Dashboard, Shipulse Onboard and BunkerXchange.

Data is then transmitted back to shore via satellite and GSM networks and transformed into performance insights using marine data analytics. Insights captured by Shipulse provides crew onboard with an overview of vessel performance during actual operations, enabling them to make a timely response on benchmark deviations to achieve optimised fuel efficiency. At the same time, onshore staff can remotely monitor fuel usage and track vessel and fleet performance during operations.

Gain a competitive edge with verifiable vessel performance driven by data insights.

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Shipulse Infographic


Tick  Key Benefits


Plus  Advantages

  • Live-monitor vessel and fleet performance
  • Increase fuel savings using smart shipping solutions
  • Full customisation - ability to define and set personalised threshold to monitor KPIs
  • Experience greater efficiency and
    transparency across operations
  • Direct access to vessel performance and full visibility of KPIs
  • Performance insights useful for benchmarking within fleet and with competitors
  • Reduction of information asymmetry
  • Elimination of inaccuracies resulting from manual reporting and data collection


Fuel Consumption Monitoring at a Glance:


Simple Infographic - Fuel Consumption Monitoring


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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


Sensors and Solutions

Q. What does Shipulse as an ‘end-to-end partner’ mean?


End-to-end partner means that the Shipulse solution includes all necessary sensors, data acquisition system and software interface for data visualisation and analysis.

Q. I have a fleet of vessels that I would like to monitor fuel consumption and other vessel activities. What would the Shipulse module settings be like?


Using Shipulse, settings such as consumption levels and thresholds can be customised for vessels in the same fleet for you improve fleet operations as a whole.

Q. I am interested to use Shipulse to manage my fleet. But I am unsure which sensors, interfaces and solutions would be suitable. What should I do?


The list of suitable sensors, interfaces and solutions will depend on what kind of vessel management data and report you need. Based on your requirements, our sales team can better advise on the configuration – you can reach us here.

Q. I am only interested in selected Shipulse modules and selected products for my vessel. What are the next steps?


You may reach us here on the modules and products you are interested in and our sales team will be in touch with you shortly. Ascenz is solutions-centric and we help customers achieve desirable outcomes through Shipulse’s customisable offerings.

Q. Before making a decision, can I see a live demo of how Shipulse works?


Yes. We can show you Shipulse’s features and functions for you to get a sense of how it works. Please schedule a demo with us here.

Q. I am already using existing sensors on my vessel and I would like to link the sensors to Shipulse modules. Is that possible?


Yes, it is possible. We will need to assess existing sensors onboard to see if they are suitable and sufficient to generate data required for Shipulse modules.



Q. How do I access the data acquired by the Shipulse end-to-end solution?


Data is accessible through multiple interfaces onboard or onshore. Onboard vessels, it can be accessed through Shipulse Dashboard and Shipulse Onboard Portal. Onshore, it can be accessed through Shipulse Portal.

Q. Who can access the data acquired by Shipulse?


Only onshore and offshore users that you have given authorised login can access the data. Users cannot modify or tamper with the acquired data. The number of users that can access the data in Shipulse depends on the subscription plan you take up.

Q. Can I download data from the portal and how far back can my data be stored?


Yes, you can download data from the portal. Daily, weekly and monthly data filters can be applied for greater convenience. Your data will be stored securely with us with continuous subscription of Shipulse solution.



Q. As a user of Shipulse, what should I do if I need help with portal configuration settings    and sensor installation issues?


Customer experience matters to us. Customer support is always available at Alternatively, you may reach us using the Contact Form and our customer care team will be in touch with you shortly on your enquiry.


Inmarsat Certified Marque

Shipulse is an Inmarsat Certified Application integrated with Inmarsat’s network capabilities. With this tie-up, ship owners and ship operators using Inmarsat’s Fleet Data service can experience greater value-added services of real-time fuel consumption monitoring and other performance analytics capabilities.

Find out more details from the Product Sheet.