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Smart Shipping

Tackling high vessel fuel consumption with EFMS

A common challenge among ship owners is finding the balance between OPEX and CAPEX (operational expenditure vs capital expenditure) - the goal is to lower OPEX and invest CAPEX, in ship systems for example, that brings added value to your fleet assets in the long-term. High fuel consumption is an on-going cost that should be looked at to lower OPEX.

When ship fuel consumption is monitored with EFMS (Electronic Fuel Consumption Monitoring System), the direct result is more fuel-efficient voyages and fuel savings.

How can vessel owners reduce fuel costs with EFMS?
Set threshold to monitor KPIs and fuel consumption in real-time, get alerts when fuel benchmark is exceeded. Use performance insights to benchmark within fleet and with competitors
Eliminate inaccuracies resulting from manual reporting and data collection
System is completely remote, no human intervention is required
The EFMS solution uses the approach of Acquire, Visualise, Analyse, Optimise to address ship owners’ concern of fuel spend and security.
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Latest News: Ascenz

Ascenz’s Fuel Monitoring System selected by Saudi Aramco to accelerate its digital transformation plans

January 2021
Ascenz, partnering with Credence Offshore, our partner in the Middle East region, has completed a successful pilot in Saudi Aramco’s Tanajib base, where the system was commissioned on Zamil 301, the first Saudi Aramco chartered vessel to be fitted with the smart shipping solution.

Tang Teck Hong, Director - Commercial of Ascenz, said, “The success of the pilot is a very positive direction forward that validates our core solution being at the forefront of smart shipping.”

As part of the project delivery, marine specialists from Ascenz demonstrated the system’s proof-of-concept integrating onboard and onshore functionalities to track and monitor fuel usage. Onboard sensors and Coriolis Mass Flow Meters are used for accurate ship data collection. Data is compressed, encrypted, and transmitted to the Cloud for advanced computation. Leveraging marine data analytics, the online vessel management portal then transforms data into performance insights, at the same time delivering these insights across multiple intuitive dashboards onboard. The process is done entirely in real-time and with full automation, providing all stakeholders – ship owners, ship operators, charterers, crew, and commercial representatives – powerful visibility and traceability of vessel performance.

Onboard and onshore teams are equipped with comprehensive daily reports showing key performance indicators for fleet-wide fuel consumption activities, alerts when benchmarks are exceeded, data quality and more. These features empower users to make proactive decisions to optimise fuel use, propelling digital fleets to be more competitive in the long run.

Julien Glory, CEO of Ascenz, said, “We pride ourselves to be our customer’s partner in their digital journey toward operational excellence. Committing to the success of our customers is one of our core values.”

Saudi Aramco, in line with its Digital Transformation Program, has the ambition to be the world’s leading digitalised energy company. Committed through adopting innovative technologies like the fuel monitoring system, Saudi Aramco will be transforming every single vessel into a smart vessel for its offshore fleet.

Philippe Berterottière, Chairman and CEO of GTT Group, said, “As digitalisation gains momentum in the maritime industry, fuel monitoring will be a game-changer which will shape the future of sustainable shipping. We are honoured to be part of Saudi Aramco’s digital transformation journey enabling fuel-efficient smart vessels.”

(Zamil 301 vessel image above courtesy of Saudi Aramco.)
New portal with enhanced features launched – Ascenz upgrades vessel management portal for all customers

Ascenz has launched its new smart shipping portal, unveiling a brand new user interface, experience and navigation for users. The new portal brings together suggestions from Ascenz’s customers and the latest maritime industry technology developments, integrating the two to provide enhanced features that supports vessel management capabilities. In efforts to deliver this experience to all our users, Ascenz has upgraded the portal for all its customers. Some key changes include:


  • KPI Dashboard with ‘Traffic lights’ feature
  • Timezone selection
  • Ship overview page
  • More comprehensive Daily Reports and Alert(s) for decision-making
  • Analytics Reports – and Report views of Single ship, Ship comparison, Fleet overview
  • Improved interactivity and visuals of charts, graphs, and maps


Ascenz’s new portal, which includes EFMS (Electronic Fuel Monitoring System) features, is approved by Oil Majors and National Oil Companies. 

Demo is available for the smart shipping portal – start saving on fuel costs today.
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Be in the know – Sustainable Shipping

Shipping Decarbonisation
Lowering Carbon Emissions & Using Alternative Fuels
Shipping moves international trade. But as industry development continues, increased carbon emission from shipping causes environmental damage in the long run. Importantly, maritime institutions have outlined various goals:

The future of low-emission shipping lies with alternative fuels and technologies.


LNG (Liquefied Natural Gas), Hydrogen, Ammonia, Biofuels and Fuel Cells are some potential options. When considering commercial availability and scalability, LNG presents the most viable alternative fuel because:

  • Using LNG to power ships can reduce emissions of nitrogen oxide and sulfur oxide pollutants by 90% to 95%, according to industry estimates
  • LNG is the cleanest fuel currently available at scale for the shipping industry
The push towards zero carbon emission is an ecosystem-wide effort in the maritime industry and starting with new fuels is the first step forward. Find out how you can use technology to optimise LNG as a fuel.
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