DAS (Data Acquisition System)

Data acquisition is one area often overlooked in shipboard analytics. As Ascenz’s proprietary developed technology, the Shipulse DAS (Data Acquisition System) is designed to integrate with onboard sensors such as Flow Meter, Torque Meter, Accelerometer, GPS, Wind/Weather and Third-Party Sensors for data collection and aggregation. The data captured is transmitted via satellite and GSM network, analysed, and converted into valuable performance insights, presented real-time across various onboard and online interfaces such as the Shipulse Dashboard, Shipulse Onboard, BunkerXchange and the Shipulse Portal. With the DAS (Data Acquisition System) as part of the Shipulse solution suite, any vessel can be transformed into a smart ship. 

Who is it for

  • Ship operators, ship owners, charterers and ship managers who want to monitor vessel performance
Data Acquisition System

For Technical Specifications, Dimensions and more information, please refer to the DAS brochure.

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