Bunkering monitoring is essential for the detection, recording and tracking of the bunker status. The BunkerXchange provides real-time visualisation of bunkering process. The crew onboard will have full visibility of bunker profiles, enabling improved productivity and procurement assessments. Inaccuracies resulting from manual reporting and data collection are eliminated.

Who is it for

  • Buyers and suppliers involved in bunker transactions
  • Crew onboard that needs greater transparency for bunkering
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BunkerXchange 2
BunkerXchange 1
BunkerXchange 2

Bunkering Visualisation

  • Provides real-time visualisation of the bunkering process
  • Ability to toggle between the condition of the system process and Live Graph view
  • Monitoring key parameters such as drive gain, flow rate, density, and temperature
  • Printing of bunker ticket. Ticket printed can be attached to the bunker delivery note (BDN)

Alarms & Reports

  • Alarm panel setup to draw attention to possible bunkering anomalies
  • Exportable data and reports
  • 'Touch and print' bunker profile analysis

For Technical Specifications and more information, please refer to the BunkerXchange brochure.

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