Shipulse Dashboard

The Shipulse Dashboard presents a real-time visualisation of your vessel’s performance metrics. Using the touchscreen Dashboard embedded on the bridge, crew onboard have an overview of vessel performance during actual operations to closely monitor the vessel’s overall fuel consumption. Performance data captured enables the crew to make timely response on benchmark deviations to achieve optimised fuel efficiency.

Fuel Consumption Dashboard

  • Display of daily and historical fuel consumption information
  • Overview of total fuel consumption for different vessel operations
  • Aggregating fuel consumption information for reporting and compliance monitoring
  • Benchmarking actual fuel consumption with charterer’s expectation
  • Real-time visualisation of the fuel ROB. Provides alerts when oil tank falls below or exceeds recommended levels

Engine Performance Dashboard

  • Display of daily and historical engine performance monitoring
  • Overview of shaft torque (Nm), speed (RPM) and power (kW)
  • Monitoring of live Specific Fuel Oil Consumption (SFOC)
  • Comparing historical SFOC performance with baseline curve
  • Tracking and comparing monthly changes of SFOC performance
  • Monitoring of Energy (kWh) flow during operations
  • Establishing the relationship between engine power and ship speed