Shipulse Onboard Portal

Vessel and fleet monitoring are easy with Shipulse Onboard Portal. Deck Officers and Engineers are provided with live monitoring tool of vessel activity and direct visualisation of vessel performance. This metrics are accessible conveniently at their workstations. The Shipulse Onboard Portal integrates seamlessly with the Shipulse Portal hosted on the cloud and the onboard Shipulse Dashboard, providing a good overview of vessel condition, delivering greater transparency and efficiency across operations.

Real-time Monitoring & Direct Visualisation

  • Customisable dashboard interface
  • Live monitoring of ongoing activities
  • Activity Manager Add On function that reduces manhours spent on manual collection of data, allowing better allocation of resources to improve work efficiency
  • Real-time visualisation of engine performance, fuel consumption performance, bunkering activities, hull and propeller efficiency
  • Provides notification and alerts when values fall outside of thresholds