Largest Batch of Human Capital Partners Unveiled

HRM Asia -

27 April 2018 – Eighty-seven Singapore employers were named in this latest round of the Human Capital Partners announcement.

The Human Capital Partnership (HCP) Programme today (April 27) unveiled 87 new Singapore employers.

This is the largest batch of HCPartners that has been announced since it was launched in February 2017. This brings the total number of HCPartners to 221.

In total, these partners employ over 190,000 locals, which constitute more than 8% of Singapore's total local workforce. About half of this latest batch of companies are small and medium businesses, an encouraging sign as it shows that smaller organisations also have the tools to become progressive in their HR practices.

All HCPartners will receive the HCP Mark. This is akin to a badge of honour that identifies HCPartners as exemplary employers and visually represents a company’s relationship within the HCP community. It is an endorsement of the continued commitment by HCPartners to human capital development, and can be used in the firm’s corporate and marketing materials.