Seatrade Singapore Bunkering Report 2010

24 June 2010

Remote Monitoring

Fuel is the single most expensive factor in operating a vessel, yet for shore-based shipowners and managers to monitor both consumption and deliveries is a difficult procedure.

Singapore-based Ascenz has been working on developing systems that bring greater transparency for owners and managers. In the middle of 2008 the company launched a system to allow remote monitoring of fuel consumption onboard ship from offices ashore. The information is traditional supplied by the ship’s crew bringing in opportunities for human error and discrepencies.

“With this system there will be less human intervention and the data is more accurate,” says Chia Yoong Hui, director and CEO of Ascenz. The data on fuel consumption is combined with information such as engine RPM and the results can be assessed through the internet via a subscription service.

“The response has been quite good especially in this region and to date we have more than 40 vessels installed with such monitoring systems,” Chia says. The system can be used as a key performance indicator (KPI) for the ship’s crew and incentives given if targets are met in terms of consumption and efficiency. The company is continuing to develop the system to include more different sensor readings.

A new service Ascenz is in the process of rolling out in Singapore remotely monitors the bunker delivery from the barge. A bunker meter and controller delivery to the Ascenz’s server. The client buying bunkers can then access this information via the web.

“We feel there is a demand there for transparency and efficiency. Everyone is able to view the data without human intervention,” Chia says.

The system has been operating for about size months and owners are still in the trial stage. “It is a pretty new idea to the market,” he says.