Shipowners 'Still Figuring Out Best Way' to Monitor Vessels


2 September 2015 – Ship owners and operators are still trying to find out the best method of monitoring their ships, observes the CEO of Singapore-based vessel fuel monitoring solutions provider Ascenz.

"Most of the owners do some form of monitoring," Chia Yoong Hui told Platts Bunkerworld. "But the issue is that they don't really know what they want and what to monitor." Chia believes the industry being keen to implement technical measures such as Ship Energy Efficiency Management Plan (SEEMP) and Energy Efficiency Operational Indicator (EEOI).

However, the confusion over the collection, organisation and presentation of data points have resulted in challenges due to the industry being 10 to 15 years behind technology.

"Why should I gather hundreds of data points if I just want to know one single thing to make fleet efficient? To my observation people are waiting as they still don't know what is the best solution they should go to," he says.

The use of data mining with cloud computing, where information is stored on the internet for distributed offices to access, will be the way to go moving forward.

"Data doesn't simply mean any data collected. You need good, accurate data," explains Chia.

"This is the space where we work very hard on by providing accurate data so it will be collected in the database server.

"With the data collected you can actually run any application to do modelling on the datasets using business tools."

"The information gathered can then be used by the management for its purposes.

"Ascenz in July partnered with technology firm Citracks to introduce its coriolis-based mass flowmeter (MFM) marine fuel management solution to the Nigerian market.