Singapore Mass Flowmeter Mandate to Benefit Local Innovator


17 April 2014 - The introduction of mass flowmeter (MFM) devices to Singapore bunkering sector is expected to improve sales of the locally developed Ascenz controller, says its CEO.

The Ascenz controller is able to pair up with MFMs of any model to remotely transmit operational details from a vessel’s bunkering activities to an onshore terminal, Chia Yoong Hui of Ascenz told bunkerworld.

According to Chia, Ascenz has been involved in the Singapore MFM bunkering trials to integrate its controller with MFM devices for the past years.

“We guarantee the compatibility of the Ascenz controller with MFM devices as we were already working to cover the operational groundwork during the MFM trials since 2010,” says Chia.” Getting the Ascenz controller to compliment the MFM should be a no brainer for owners as it allows them to record physical bunker transactions in their office rather than going on board vessels.” We expect to benefit from the Singapore MFM mandate after our years of putting in the hard work.”

Chia noted that installation of the Ascenz controller can be done within a day; there is also no upfront cost of the unit as users simply subscribe to the firm for the service.

More than 180 vessels in total, including ships from Evergreen, Pacific International Lines (PIL), and Maersk Oil Trading, have paired up the Ascenz controller with their MFM devices.

There are about 160 vessels providing fuel oil as bunkers at Singapore port.