The High-Tech Way to a Smarter Port

29 April 2016

The Business Times -

The Port of Singapore is leveraging technology to enhance terminal productivity and optimise workflow and processes.


Intelligent ships in the making

Project: Comprehensive vessel performance management solution by Ascenz

A SOLUTION being developed by local technology firm Ascenz will be able to capture vital shipboard information and seamlessly transmit it back to shore for further analysis. The company's Shipulse Data Acquisition System (DAS) integrates with shipboard sensors to collect and transmit the data through both satellite and GSM networks.

The system is designed to track key metrics related to fuel consumption, engine, hull and propeller performance. For instance, it can promote transparency in a ship's procurement of bunkers, or marine fuel, by remotely monitoring bunkering transactions - including the volume and quality of the fuel delivered.

“It transforms vessels into smart ships. The Shipulse solution is based on capturing real time data with accuracy - directly from sensors and not crew - and computing them to provide analytical data that aids in decision making to optimise vessel performance. This works on most vessels, including workboats and ocean going vessels,” said Sia Teck Chong, chief technology officer at Ascenz.

The company has been officially working on this project since November last year and is currently at the Beta launch stage with customers on board using and testing the solution.

The company will also be acquiring and verifying data at this stage to ensure that the data corresponds with established models with the highest accuracy possible, said Mr Sia.

“This is crucial as the formula can only be proven with access to and collection of large amount of data used in the verification process. In the meantime, fine tuning our own algorithm and method of implementation to reach optimisation is also happening in parallel,” he explained.

“The tech team is constantly revisiting and expanding on our existing capabilities based on customer feedback, new industry standards and legislation to ensure Shipulse becomes a complete and comprehensive solution suite.”

Ultimately, the system aims to minimise human error, improve productivity and increase accuracy.

Said Mr Sia: “We want to make it a mainstream practice for ship owners and operators to integrate our smart shipping concept across their  eets to achieve greater cost savings and greater energy e􀀁ciency and in the process, creating measurable ROI to make their investments worth the while.”