These are the Apps and Services That 3 Modern CEOs Use

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3 October 2017 – This year’s Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year 2017 award winners share their invaluable tech tips.


Chia Yoong Hui, founder, chairman and chief executive officer, Ascenz Solutions Solutions Maritime Technology Solutions Entrepreneur Of The Year

Chia Yoong Hui recounts that he was trying to sell accounting products to a shipping company in 2007 when he had a life-changing epiphany. He says: “Shipping companies would panic whenever oil prices fluctuate drastically. This is because the industry, which shies away from technology, still uses measuring tapes to measure oil volumes.” The 49-year-old started the operational intelligence company in 2008 with his chief technology officer, Sia Teck Chong, in response to the industry’s need for digital regulation technology.

“Shipping is still very reliant on humans, who physically congregate to make decisions based on gut feeling, rather than on the collection and analysis of data,” says Chia. In response, the company creates proprietary software systems

to help vessels maximise efficiency and cost savings by tracking and providing timely and accurate data relating to fuel consumption, engine performance and carbon emissions, among other factors.

Today, Ascenz has six offices across Europe and Asia. More than 400 ships around the world, including those of Shell and Maersk, are installed with its software.

LINKEDIN was the first app I downloaded. I still use it to connect with people and publish articles. I use social media to connect with my children and the next generation of workers.

WHATSAPP is an easy form of communication. My dad is over 70 years old but uses it to talk to me. People are less receptive of Facebook Messenger because it seems to lack privacy.

INSTAGRAM. I started using it because of my son. He takes nice photos and has 17,800 followers. I use it to better understand how the new generation thinks. It’s interactive and addictive.

UBER. I drive in Singapore, but when I’m anywhere else, this helps me get around.