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  • Awarded By IDA Singapore and MPA To Participate In The Wiseport Content And Application Call For Collaboration For The Seaport Sector

Awarded By IDA Singapore and MPA To Participate In The Wiseport Content And Application Call For Collaboration For The Seaport Sector

IDA Singapore Factsheet

1 June 2008 – WISEPORT Contents and Applications Call-for-Collaboration Award: Five Companies to Develop Value-Added Services Infocomm@SeaPort

The three-year S$12 million Infocomm@SeaPort programme, launched in September 2007 by Mr Raymond Lim, Minister of Transport and Second Minister for Foreign Affairs, is a collaboration between the Maritime and Port Authority of Singapore (MPA) and the Infocomm Development Authority of Singapore (IDA). The programme aims to catalyse business transformation and operational excellence in the port community through the use of innovative infocomm technologies.


Launched in March 2008, WISEPORT (Wireless-broadband-access for SeaPort) is thefirst project under the Infocomm@SeaPort Programme. WISEPORT uses network infrastructure based on the 802.16e mobile WiMAX standard to provide wireless broadband coverage within 15km of Singapore’s southern coastline. WISEPORT offers a low-cost, high-bandwidth seamless mobile connectivity, enabling activities that could be done onshore, such as regulatory filings, broadband communications, live remote video and security surveillance, real-time access to navigational data and Internet-based applications, to be replicated offshore. With WISEPORT, Singapore is the world’s first WiMAX ready seaport.

QMax Communications was appointed in December 2007, to deploy the mobile WiMAX network infrastructure for WISEPORT. The service was launched four months later in March 2008. QMax plans to complete the infrastructure roll-out by the end 2008. During WISEPORT’s first year launch, QMax is offering free 512kbps unlimited data access plan. Subscribers to this special package will receive thumb drive-sized WiMAX modems that are used to access WiMAX anywhere within the WISEPORT coverage (currently limited to coastal areas such as Tuas, Jurong, Pasir Panjang and Tanjong Pagar).

WISEPORT Content and Applications Call-for-Collaboration

On 6 December 2007, a WISEPORT Contents and Applications Call-for-Collaboration (CA CFC) was issued by IDA and MPA, to invite the maritime community and the infocomm industry to develop innovative content and applications over the wireless broadband access for the maritime community.

This two-year CA CFC programme seeks to achieve the objective of promoting the development of innovative content, applications and services on the WISEPORT network to drive up WISEPORT adoption.

When the CFC closed in February 2008, 19 proposals were received. Five proposals were selected and awarded in June 2008. Through the CFC, IDA and the five companies will be investing S$2 million to develop solutions to enhance the capabilities and sophistication of the seaport community. The companies are Ascenz Pte Ltd, DHI Water & Environment (S) Pte Ltd, MARIS Asia Pacific Pte Ltd, Panasonic Singapore Laboratories, and Transmex Systems International Pte Ltd. The suite of services will enable the seaport community to access up-to-date information such as navigational charts, vessel and equipment status, and training materials and entertainment content for crew and passenger welfare.

The rollout of the WISEPORT broadband network and the availability of innovative solutions for the seaport community through the CA CFC will entrench Singapore’s status as a maritime hub.

Summary of consortia solutions

Company: Ascenz Pte Ltd

Title of Project: Maritime Fuel Consumption Monitoring and Data Acquisition Solution

Summary: With Ascenz’s solution, harbourcraft and tugboat owners will be able to monitor their vessels’ status such as fuel consumption, engine speed and vessel 1 position, remotely from the owners’ office. The remote monitoring will be implemented using a web-based system making it easy for vessel owners to use and access.

The low-cost and high bandwidth network provided by WISEPORT enables the real-time transmission of data back to the office, thus providing users the ability to detect possible anomalies like vessels components faults and fuel leakages. It also enables vessel owners to better track and manage vessel movements in a more timely way as compared to current manual way of tracking movements through phone calls and faxes.