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Ascenz Launches Shipulse, A Game-changing Operational Risk Intelligence Platform For The Maritime Industry

29 June 2016 – Ascenz, a leading global provider of operational risk intelligence solutions for the maritime sector, today announced the launch of Ascenz Shipulse, a game-changing, decision support and risk monitoring and compliance tool for Maritime Fleet operators, Sustainability and Supply Management Professionals.

Drawing upon the vast volume of global analytics content and proprietary risk event tagging that their remote fuel monitoring and bunkering systems have gathered since 2008, the Ascenz Shipulse algorithms score and surface concerns about an organization’s carbon emissions and ship's operational and route performance, providing decision support planning and compliance reporting for the user.

Ascenz Shipulse – for which a patent is pending – utilizes unique information visualization techniques, which enable fleet operations and procurement professionals to efficiently monitor thousands of ships for performance or disruptive events that might adversely affect their fleets operational performance.

Fleet operators can conduct a comparative assessment of different marine energy devices using Shipulse's cost estimation calculators. Energy management maturity benchmarking is also a feature of Shipulse.

The Ascenz Shipulse user simply clicks on a color-coded cell to view the data events that have generated the risk score for quick, actionable insight. With a focus on operational risk events, this ensures highly relevant results to help Fleet operators and organizations discover and prepare for both poor emissions performance, fuel theft or various types of business disruptions across its fleet. Fleet operators can also benchmark their performance against their peers. Ascenz Shipulse baseline results have been consistently gathered from the tanks of the world's largest maritime fleets for the past 8 years, providing detailed anonymised data for scenario modelling and simulation.

 "With the IMO outlining regulations on carbon disclosure coming into force in 2017, and as supply chains become increasingly global and more complex, companies and their transport operators are looking for ways to acquire transparency and proactively assess many types of risks,” said Chia Yoong Hui, Co-Founder, Chief Executive Officer and Chairman of Ascenz.

“Ascenz Shipulse is unlike any other product on the market today. Shipulse helps BW's Fleet Operators and supply management professionals proactively monitor and identify both carbon and fuel risks beyond just a score. The comprehensive and timely intelligence and dashboards developed to support decision analysis and participatory processes enables our Vessels to protect their bottom lines, demonstrate compliance to the new regulations and protect our reputation,” states the Chief Technology Officer of BW Group.

Ascenz Shipulse was developed in close cooperation with the technical engineering and procurement organizations of BW Group, Evergreen Marine and PIL along with supply chain management professionals from global companies, representing many industry sectors. Prototypes were tested and feedback was provided throughout the development process.

“Ascenz Shipulse is intuitive, easy-to-use and insightful, and we are excited to have played a role in its development,” says Sia Teck Chong, Director, Co-Founder and Chief Technology Officer of Ascenz. “In a region of the world, where there is significant underinvestment in business interruption insurance, it will provide our clients with more comprehensive and proactive awareness of potential risks in their transportation networks and their vessels impact on the planet. With Ascenz Shipulse we will be able to more effectively monitor critical vessels, while expanding our ability to track a broader base of strategic and preferred shipping operations that cannot be efficiently monitored today. Through simplified dashboards tailored to the client use case, Ascenz solutions enable informed decision making.”


About Ascenz

Founded in 2008, Ascenz is the global leader in the provision of end to end operational risk intelligence solutions for the maritime industry. Its award-winning remote fuel consumption and bunkering monitoring solutions deliver fuel savings, emissions compliance and operational efficiencies for the world’s largest shipping and transportation companies.

Our vision is to be the world's most dynamic technology company, using our pioneering spirit to create value for our clients through the advanced use of technology. 


Our Clients

Ascenz enable over 300 of the world’s largest shipping fleets with the decision support systems to adapt to market changes rapidly, while maximising productivity and keeping costs down.  Some of our clients include BW Group, Royal Dutch Shell, Toll, Yang Ming, Fermosa Plastics Marine, Evergreen Marine and PIL.



Both Ascenz’s management team and Board of Directors bring diverse functional experience and deep maritime industry expertise derived from helping ship owners drive business productivity and growth, improve profitability and reduce operating costs. By combining business expertise with expert technical acumen, Ascenz Chairman Yoong Hui Chia leads his international team to deliver advanced operational risk intelligence solutions for global ship owners and their fleets.



Ascenz is a dynamic organisation promoting an environment of diversity and camaraderie. In our constantly growing and agile company, we encourage our team to realize their potential in an environment that embraces change, mutual respect and communication. Ascenz is an organization with cutting-edge technology and award-winning products that continue to outperform the competition.

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