Ascenz Services

Ascenz Services helps clients achieve more with their maritime solutions. As an end-to-end partner providing a range of business training and advisory expertise, our unique services help clients accelerate their digital transformation to achieve improved operations and better cost savings.

Performance Advisory & Training

Performance Advisory & Training provides clients valuable insights on how to run their vessel/fleet in the most efficient way using data acquired from Shipulse Onboard, Shipulse Dashboard, or online Shipulse Portal. Customised workshops conducted with subject matter experts are also available for clients that require deeper analytical insights.

Maritime Business Process Outsourcing

Maritime Business Process Outsourcing enables clients to focus on their core competencies while ensuring their day-to-day processes are well-managed with quality and efficiency. Clients can afford greater operational flexibility with this service.

Maritime ICT Maintenance & Support

We have experts available globally to provide both pre-sale and post-sale localised support, as well as experts that can advise on sensor and system maintenance that may be required.

Process & Activity Digitalisation

We assist clients to digitalise business processes to increase efficiency and productivity, thereby creating smarter hubs, ports and ships.