Premium Partnership Program

The Ascenz Premium Partnership Program is a leading network created with partners to explore pathfinder solutions and services. The topics of collaboration we focus on with our partners are:

  • Data Analysis
  • Data Automation
  • Modelling and Optimisation
  • Data Integration
  • Maritime Services

As a partner of the Premium Partnership Program, both the partner and Ascenz engage in an exchange of knowledge, resources, and experience to create an open, scalable and modular smart shipping ecosystem that is valuable for the maritime industry. Partners benefit from the program through:

  • Cost Optimisation
  • Risk Mitigation
  • Operational Efficiency
  • Compliance
  • Collaboration

Our current partners

Alpha Diagnostics

Alpha Diagnostics Ltd is a global engineering company offering non-invasive diagnostic systems for combustion engines and rotating machines. Their solutions enable customers to implement effective preventive maintenance strategies in various markets worldwide.


Apizee enables customers to reduce their footprint and travel costs by accessing expert resources remotely, anytime, anywhere, on any device. Their solutions address assistance for remote maintenance, medical teleconsultation, banking advice or the sale of premium goods on the Internet. Usable with a smartphone, a tablet or any other connected device like smart glasses or drones.

Green Sea Guard

Green Sea Guard is an organisation dedicated to reducing air pollution through pragmatic measures that can take effect rapidly. They offer products and services that monitor gas and particulate emissions which help shipowners to fight the waste of fuel and resources that most of these pollutants represent, providing them with positive commercially sound reasons to control emissions.


Rise-x is the digital industrial marketplace and utility platform that enables entities to source, procure, manage, and execute work in a single online and secure environment. Their aim is to reinvent the global industrial ecosystem to meet global demand for natural resources in a scalable and sustainable way.


Threatspan brings nautical resilience to all ecosystem players in the shipping and maritime supply chain. From ship to shore, they enable enterprises to counter increasingly hostile digital threats with solutions developed specifically to mitigate maritime cyber risk.