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LNG Carrier

Liquified Natural Gas (LNG) demand is expected to grow in the years ahead due to its significantly lower carbon emission than other fuel types, presenting an alternative fuel for vessels. Environmental regulations like the IMO2020 have placed stricter emission control, setting a much lower global limit on sulphur content in marine fuels. This makes LNG the most suitable fuel option that is scalable to meet the needs of the maritime industry. LNG carriers play an essential role in marine transport of LNG.

Be at the top of your game with effective management of LNG carriers using fitting digital solutions.


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Fuel Consumption Monitoring

Break it down. Fuel Consumption Monitoring provides granularity and detailed insight on how fuel is consumed on vessels, delivered to you onboard or onshore. Achieve maximised fuel savings with lower fuel consumption across vessels and fleets.

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Engine Performance

Feel the pulse of your vessel’s engine. The Engine Performance application provides a complete performance overview, together with functions that measures the mechanical health and operating condition of the engine.

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Bunkering Monitoring

Experience better transparency and trust between buyers and suppliers. Bunkering Monitoring gives you a real-time visualisation of bunker processes from start to finish with key parameters monitored. Prevent measurement inaccuracy and uncertainty of bunker quantity calculation.

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Hull & Propeller Efficiency

Boost the efficiency of your vessel’s hull & propeller. Analyse and understand how your vessel’s hull & propeller is influencing fuel consumption and efficiency using key performance indicators. Make actionable real-time decisions to optimise operations.

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Emission Compliance

Ensure long-term sustainability of your vessel and fleet’s commercial operations. Regulatory requirements such as the IMO2020 and the EU MRV will have far-reaching consequences on vessel emissions and cleaner vessel operations. Be better at lowering your vessel’s emissions and carbon footprint.

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Boil-Off Gas Management

Gain control over how Boil-Off Gas is managed on your LNG carrier. The Boil-Off Gas Management application features a saturated vapour pressure calculator, LNG heel calculator, and provides visual insights on ship motion and natural boil-off.

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Sloshing Monitoring

Enhance the safety of your vessel operations by reducing the effect of liquid motion in LNG tanks. The Sloshing Monitoring application provides the crew with real-time and historical sloshing activity and advanced online analytics to identify sloshing situations for crucial decision making that optimises vessel operations.

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