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Sloshing Monitoring

Enhance the safety of your vessel operations by reducing the effect of liquid motion in LNG tanks.

Icon - Sloshing MonitoringThe Sloshing Monitoring application provides the crew with real-time and historical sloshing activity and advanced online analytics to identify sloshing situations for crucial decision making that optimises vessel operations.


Understanding Sloshing


BOG, SloshingSloshing refers to the violent resonant motion of the free surface of a liquid cargo inside a moving tank. In an LNG carrier, the moving liquid exerts forces on bodies inside the tank and on the tank walls, and these forces are normally referred as sloshing loads on the tank structure. Violent sloshing may cause breaking waves and high velocities of the fluid surface, as a result causing impact loads on the tank’s containment system.

Sloshing, due to the waves or navigation, transfers kinetic energy into the tanks, causing friction and heating effect. This additional heating effect increases boil-off gas (BOG) generation in the LNGC tanks.



Optimising LNGC operations using Sloshing Monitoring


Sloshing Monitoring Sloshing Monitoring (also known as SloShield™ from GTT) is an advanced sloshing detection system that supports LNG carrier operations. The purpose of this system is to monitor in real time the sloshing activity inside each tank. Directly displayed to the bridge using an interface, real-time and historical sloshing activity are provided, helping the crew identify sloshing situations and validate the effectiveness of mitigation actions.

Advanced online analytics provide visualisation capabilities to compare the sloshing periods and the vessel’s operational profile, improving the crew’s awareness. As Sloshing Monitoring uses a non-intrusive system based on the structure vibration induced by liquid motion inside tanks, installation of the module is straightforward and can be executed at new-build, dry dock and also during navigation.

Sloshing Monitoring leverages GTT’s unrivalled expertise in measuring and analysing sloshing activity at sea, drawing on significant amounts of actual historical data on liquid motion in navigational situations by analysed by GTT engineers. Get started now – monitor sloshing activities in real-time to make critical decisions to optimise LNGC operations.



This solution at a Glance:


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Sloshing Monitoring

Providing real-time and historical sloshing activity and advanced online analytics to identify sloshing situations

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